Megastar Computer Services

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Name: Dharmesh Patel

Email Id: switch@megastar.in

Phone: +91 9687688966

Description: Established in 1991, Megastar Computer Services is a leading manufacturer of Reverse PoE Switches (Unmanaged / Web-Managed). These are devices designed specifically for Internet Service Providers to roll out broadband services faster with lower Capex and Opex. It solves major problem of power arrangement required at last mile buildings. We are also manufacturer of PoE Ethernet switches (Unmanaged/Web-Managed), PoE Injectors, Outdoor Switches and Customized Products. We have different solutions for Wireless Networks, Fiber Networks as well as FTTH/FTTB. We have also started manufacturing of Home Automation & Security products which includes Retrofit Module, Smart Touch Switches, Water Level Controller, Home Security & Surveillance, Access Control and Lighting Solutions on IOT platform. Our Home Automation products provide best in class user experience and a guaranteed reliable performance. Megastar Computer Services has a strong focus on R&D and local manufacturing. Our goal is to provide superior products which save time and money for our potential customers and help them in achieving goals faster. We design products keeping in mind operating environment at potential customers locations. Our products are RELIABLE and STURDY. We provide excellent pre-sales and post-sales support to customer all over the world.

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