World Phone IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Name: Vivek Dhir

Email Id: vivek@callwpi.com

Phone: 9899634477

Description: They are an innovation-driven company specializing in end-to-end technology enablement & management for our customers globally. WPITS has a significant presence in geographies like India, South East Asia, Middle-East & Africa. We engage with our clients to deploy customized and 'best fit' solutions that boost consumer experience and lead to enhanced revenues generation. Our MFS platforms offer a high degree of mobile enablement through built-in Distribution Module that enables Agent Banking for Field Operations and Branch-Less Banking capabilities. They offer multiple communication technologies to connect to our systems like Mobile Apps & WAP portals using data, USSD, SMS & IVR. They also have advanced Mobile Wallet, Mobile Money and Mobile Payment solutions with built in QR Code based payments and Biometrics (Fingerprint-based) transaction authentications.

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